Dedicated team model



Dedicated team model. This cooperation model is becoming increasingly popular. Bringing together a team for a particular project, its professionals can thoroughly analyse client’s needs and implement them as efficiently as possible.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model:

  • Possibility of bringing together a team of highly-qualified professionals
  • Possibility of selecting team members and monitoring their performance during the project
  • Direct communication with each member of the team
  • Flexible T&C of the agreement
  • Higher level of project’s safety, control, protection of intellectual property rights and confidentiality
  • Price on request, depending on the client’s requirements
  • No project development and maintenance costs
  • Direct control option

Shortcoming of the Dedicated Team Model:

  • Variable costs
  • High attention to communication
  • Client must strictly monitor the project and its progress

What this model is the best for?

If you have a good team of managers and a perfect and specifically-defined idea, this cooperation form is for you. We can offer you teams of designers and developers, and implement your project from start to finish.

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