Egidijus Biknevičius — founder and Director of Etalinq. One can learn driving, however he must know where to drive.

Daina Kuliešienė — Information Manager and the soul of the office. The winner of the ‘Tidiest Desk in the Office’ contest.

Dainius Kleišmantas — responsible for project coordination. Helps in communicating between clients and developers.

Justas Poderys — System Administrator. Chats with gods in the world of Linux servers.

‘Working is such fun when your head is thousands of miles away’.

Sergejus Mechas – IT Engineer. Fights against viruses and Samsung printers.

‘True love for Windows does not die’.

Jūratė Biknevičiūtė — fights against red tapes, to be more precise — works with public procurement.

Aušra Pakalaitė — Software Localisation Specialist. The only expert that translates from the Martian language. To be serious, married to a computer.

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