We develop desktop applications, Windows services, on-line systems and web services. In order to create reliable products for you, we offer you our-own developed, third-party-paid and open source solutions. We work only with time-tested products (frameworks, platforms, component sets), which allows us to create a comfortable and contemporary product in a shorter period of time and you — to invest rationally.

For website management we use an open source tool WordPress

For development of e-stores, we use: Prestashop

We ourselves are developing with C#. It is project-oriented programming language used for development of applications of Windows programmes, XML web services, service-client applications, databases.

For Windows programmes, we usually use MSSQL. It is a relational database management system, most frequently used with .net programming language.

For website programming, we use PHP. It is the world’s most popular open-source programming language which is mainly used for on-line designs.

For on-line projects, we usually use MySQL. This is one of the most popular open source database, most widely used for website development.

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