Who We Are


Experience. Etalinq is an information technology company, since 2005 successfully developing the information technology business. During this period we have gained the recognition of well-known companies and organisations within the country, and it is our highest rating. In 2010, Etalinq’s management system was certified under the ISO 20000 standard. In Lithuania, it was the first management system with such certification. In 2013, it was also certified under ISO 9001:2008. We provide our customers with the possibility of real-time control of our work and their project progress. We hope to see you among our clients!

Activities. The main specialisation of the company is planning, development and maintenance of information systems and websites/projects exclusively tailored to your activities. We are not strictly limited to any single technology or platform, so we can choose the best suitable solution for each project.

Projects. Over the years, we have implemented more than 100 IT projects in the public, finance, aviation, mass media, real estate, and trade sectors, including the Electronic Publications Management Information System, Debt Recovery System, Distance Learning System, Event Organisation Solutions, Debt Recovery Solutions and Voice Synthesis Solutions.

Competence. We employ only qualified professionals with many years of IT experience. We constantly invest into their expertise; therefore their work has been positively evaluated by well-known organisations within the country.

Vision and mission

  • Our vision is to become a result-oriented, international company.
  • Our mission is to help forming and implementing valuable changes in organisations.
  • Our goal is to collect the necessary resources and expertise to solve customer challenges under competitive conditions.

People. We are looking for enthusiastic, technology-friendly, sociable people who are on good terms with humour and food. Of course, we care about their IT experience, desire to excel and achieve good estimates from Clients. If you are better than we have drawn here, we invite you to join our staff.

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