You can play games and have fun on Android.

Video games have become part of our culture and 21st century life style.

But the growth of the video game industry has not taken into account the needs of people with disabilities, who usually face unavoidable barriers in games. The number of accessible games in the market is still low, especially in mobile platforms, which are not natural environments for people with disabilities yet.

You can play accessible Minesweeper, this Minesweeper can play blind people and people with visual disabilities. This game has new interaction mode

Golf The main objective of the game is to get the golf ball in the hole by doing gestures on the shooting area. As simple as that. We recommend you to use headphones if you enable the accessibility settings.

Zarodnik In Zarodnik, the objetive is to save as many preys as you can, avoiding the predators that you could listen near you. The more preys save, the better score you get. If you save a prey, you have to go to one of the edges of the screen to move to the next level and continue the game.