Being visually impaired does not mean that you cannot have fun on an iDevice. You can play various games and have fun. If you like adventures and role play you can play King of dragon pass.

King of Dragon Pass is an interactive story game where the goal is to become the leader of your clan and be crowned the King of Dragon Pass. Fully accessible with VoiceOver, this game gives the player a fantastic storyline that is easy to become addicted to.

If you like story game, that requires thinking you can play Frotz. Frotz is actually a platform that allows you to play dozens of free interactive fiction games using the older Z-machine format. Browse a library of available titles complete with ratings from other users. Titles include mysteries, spy stories and more. Best of al, Frotz is a free application.

If you like chess. You can try Chess-wise Whether you are an advanced Chessmaster or just want to learn, this application is all you need. Fully accessible with VoiceOver, the developer has ensured that all aspects of the application are available to the visually impaired. Chess-wise has tutorials, one or two player mode, game review, and an extensive database of over 78,000 games. The basic version is free and absolutely worth a try.

If you like card games you can play King’s Corner. Chess is great, however it requires time and concentration. It is not good if you only have a couple minutes to kill. King’s Corner is a quick and fun card game that works great with VoiceOver. Each game can be played in under 5 minutes which makes this a great option while waiting in line or for a ride. The goal is to place cards until you get Kings in each corner. Options include setting the difficulty and keeping stats. King’s Corner has a free version that is supported by a splash screen ad as the app loads. Aside from the opening ad, both paid and free version are the same.