In a few sentences, tell us what your start-up is all about!:

Upload a single picture to get perfect-sized, up-to-date ad images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s 100% free, no signup is required, and it takes seconds!

When was your startup founded? And what stage is your startup currently at?:


Why did you choose this particular idea and concept to build your start-up on?:

Our pain was in having to Google search different ad creative sizes that seem to change every year, and then go into Illustrator to create separate artboards for all the specific ad sizes. AdCat lets you upload one image, crop, and download perfect-sized ad images.

Curious to see if others experience this problem, and if you find this useful. If you run paid ad campaigns on more than one social channel, I’d love to get your feedback! 

Do you have any customer feedback on your product and/or service that you could share?:

People love it so far and are interested in premium features. Seems like we’ve hit a pain point.

Are you looking for funding or are you open to partnership opportunities, and if so, what’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?:

Finally, do you have any other comments or information about your product that you would like to add?:

Always looking for feedback on the product. We’re trying to build something people really want.

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