The goals of the Agile Alliance (which you can read more about at are to promote agile development in the software industry. With approximately 4,000 members in December 2007, the Agile Alliance is the largest nonprofit community of agile professionals in the industry. The alliance promotes agile methodologies that comply with the agile manifesto, offers funds to members who promote agile development, offers a library of agile publications, and announces local events in the industry. The flagship of the Agile Alliance is the yearly Agile conference. This five-day conference offers several programs, depending on your interest, and a variety of speakers. The interest in this conference seems boundless. Attendance increased from 675 participants in 2005 to 1,100 in 2006 and to more than 1,600 in 2007. Every year, the conference is sold out, and it seems the topics create a degree of interest limited only by the size of the venue. I agree, large does not necessarily mean better quality, but I believe the attendance records demonstrate that agile development has become a mainstream approach.