What?! Don’t I look for the cheapest?” – you say. No, you don’t. You don’t want your project to be cheap, you want it cost – effective. There are too many factors to software development to only chase the lowest prices. Neither look for the most expensive. To make the right choice – spend some time talking with the representative – you’ll see right away wheher what they offer is worth the price they name.

Contact the agencies you shortlisted, asking them for a quote. Make sure you give maximum information required, so that thay can better serve you and give you a precise estimate. Pay attention to how soon and who contacts you back. Ideally, that should be a dedicated manager, who gets back to you within hours (if you contacted via contact form/email). Good agencies assign a manager to every client… because they care and strive to best experience possible. Check the offer they send you. Is it viable? Is it branded and well – designed? Has thought really been put into it?

Now you have a shortlist of the most suitable development agencies for your app or web project, and a list of quotes for your app idea or project. If you’re still undecided, try getting it all on paper in a single comparison table. Sift through the offers you get and contact the ones that really get you wanting working with them. Spend some time communciating and learning more about the team, processes, and values – that time investment will return tenfold. If the budget/timeframes are suitable and you’re comfortable with the people – you’ve found your best software development company.