ClZoom is a simple and small desktop magnifier. It works as a magnifying glass to show you the zoomed view of the desired area. It can magnify up to 16x times. You can change the refresh rate by changing its timer value. It saves all the configuration in its .ini file. It doesn’t require installation and can be run from USB drive also.

clZoom is simple and portable utility that allows you to zoom in on your Windows desktop and magnify the pixels up to 16x.


Multiple monitor support

Magnification from 1x to 16x, using mouse wheel

Automatic refresh on timer, from 5ms to 10 seconds

Automatic saving of preferences and window positions

Very small in size

Fully portable, can run from USB stick


Using your mouse click on the application window then drag the mouse outside and see the contents of the screen being magnified inside clZoom’s window.
Use the mouse wheel to set the magnification ratio (1x to 16x). Set a refresh timer and get a constant magnifier on a chosen area of your screen.

User Review

For years I have been using “ZoomIn” one of Microsoft’s tools that came with an ancient SDK back in 1992. Unfortunatelly ZoomIn did not support multiple monitors at all and today I decided that “that was it” and created my own version