Music player which can play many file formats + online radio (shoutcast)

multiple playlists

plays folders or specific files

true gapless playback — the player doesn’t just skip silence, it calculates the precise amount of samples for each file, does sample-accurate seeking and playback, and gives sample-perfect result, just like CD players

equalizer with 10 bands, it’s possible to make your own presets

viewing music file tags and album art


shuffle tracks and shuffle albums mode scrobbling using or scrobbledroid apps

plays many file formats – mp3, ogg, aac/mp4, alac/mp4, flac, ape, wv, wav, tta, mpc, sid, mod, s3m, nsf and many more

automatic CUE support, with splitting images into tracks, and playing them gaplessly

online streaming radio (shoutcast/icecast)

full unicode support and automatic charset detection

4×1 widget (available as a separate download, search for “deadbeef player widget”

you can choose one of three themes, Dark, Light and LCD

works on android 1.6 and higher

headset media buttons support

plays files with up to 192KHz sampling rate, including 24 bit and multichannel files supports install to sd