Dragnifier is a free screen magnifier. It works as a magnifying glass and it can increase the size of any selected area on the screen. You can click its icon on taskbar and drag it to any area you want to zoom in. It requires no installation and comes as a single executable. You can also set a hotkey to activate it.

You don’t need to be visually impaired to require larger fonts on the computer screen; sometimes short-sighted users like me would also like to have larger views of a given element on the Windows desktop.

Luckily you can now use Dragnifier to get up-close and personal with Windows. This easy-to-use magnifying glass lets you increase the size of any selected area on the screen, just by clicking on the program’s icon in the taskbar and dragging it over the area you want to zoom in.

Dragnifier doesn’t require installation and is really simple to use. It offers support for customizable keyboard shortcuts (no support for mouse combinations though), includes an optional grid for on-screen pixel measurement and features several zoom power levels. You can also choose among different lens designs.

The weird thing about Dragnifier is that, though it lets you change the zoom value while the magnifying glass is active, the only way to do it is by using the + and – keys on the numeric pad – certainly not a very comfortable key combination.

With Dragnifier you can easily zoom into any area on the computer screen.