Ez Magnifier is a free screen magnifier. It lets you to magnifies various areas of your screen. It has six preset levels of zoom from 1x to 10x. You can also capture screenshot of a magnified view using hotkey F1 and save the screenshot in BMP format. It is very helpful software for users with visual disabilities. It uses low system resources.

This piece of freeware both magnifies certain areas of your screen and captures simple screenshots. The program’s interface is unlikely to confuse most users; you simply open it up, choose the level of magnification, and watch the main window enlarge the area of the screen next to your mouse cursor. You’ll find six preset magnification levels from 1X to 10X, but you can’t enter your own custom one. EzMagnifier doesn’t provide a lot of bells or whistles, but the tool for saving a screenshot of the magnified area as a BMP file is a useful addition. Although this utility has a narrow scope, we do appreciate that it’s totally free and has little impact on system resources. EzMagnifier will suit users with poor eyesight as well as those with very basic screen-capture needs.

This small utility magnifies a portion of the screen, and you can choose the zooming factor and resize the magnified portion to suit your needs. You can capture images and save them in the same folder as the program, and you can save multiple captures sequentially.