This downloadable and complete screen reader can be used even outside your browser, thus making it one of the quickest ways of getting a screen reader up and running on your system. Serotek offers extended versions for a fee, although it is much cheaper than other screen readers.

Why should blind and low vision customers spend thousands of dollars on assistive technology to connect with the world? At Serotek we believe accessibility is a universal right, and we work hard day in and day out to ensure our products help you get the most of any computer. Our solutions are more affordable, convenient and easy-to-use than the typical competition.

A screen reader is a text to speech application that renders elements on a computer screen through synthetic speech. The application relies on a series of keystrokes to replicate mouse functionality, and through these easy keystrokes you can navigate menus, adjust system settings, and surf the Internet. System Access, Serotek’s award-winning screen reader, is the perfect solution for the computer novice and expert alike. Whether you require speech, text enlargement, or Braille access, System Access is your reliable companion at home, in the class, or on the job.