Australia has many attractive features that any business owner would want to expand into. Perth is one of these great gems. Tipped to be the next economic hotspot, Perth could be one of the 50 biggest urban contributors to growth, adding the best part of $241 billion to global economic activity. However, this gold mind of a city is a 5+ hour flight from most of Australia’s other, major cities. How will you make it work?

It’s common knowledge that the internet has had a monumental impact on the business world. One of these key features is the ability to have flexible workspaces within your business’ landscape. This means that working remotely has become a very real possibility, in turn changing the game for the entire industry. Not only does a virtual office, such as Servcorp virtual offices in Perth, save you a lot of money in staff costs as an employer, but it also helps to make for a more flexible working environment.

If you’re a business owner, you might be struggling with managing your freelance, contract or remote work team, but you need to know that it doesn’t have to be tough. The use of remote working tools, virtual office solutions and great communication will all work in your favour to save you time and money and will work to make running your business easier.

Project management savings

Using remote workers means that you’ll be able to save money whilst taking advantage of highly skilled workers around the world. Often, this will cost you less than using someone from your local area! Plus, when you have a diverse team of workers you can draw on the skills sets that they have and enjoy the benefits of a team of skilled remote workers who have a lot to offer. They glue that will make this situation thrive is having open communication. Tolls of the trade to help you in this regard are messaging services Slack or Jira Taskforce. As well as this, a remote office means that your company will positioned in one of the iconic, trustworthy buildings of Perth – such as Brookfield Place or AMP Tower.

Team savings

A virtual office and remote workers mean that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a flexible team who are only paid for the hours they work. You won’t be paying for time standing around the watercooler or office chats! However, it is important to remember that social interaction is essential in developing a good work culture, so you will need to make sure that there is plenty of effective communication within your team to make sure they are working well together. A good way to keep the team engaged is to hold regular meetings with the group and ensure that everyone is up to date with the business’ proceedings. If your remote team are all based in the same city, you may want to consider hiring the boardroom at your virtual office space and getting the whole team together for a catch up.

Training savings

With the freedom of a virtual office, you will be able to hire remote workers with specific skill sets for specific projects. This means you won’t have a surplus of unnecessary staff. If you need a graphic designer twice a year – you only need to hire them twice a year! Make sure you speak to your virtual staff and your remote workers openly about the opportunities for upskilling and extra training if it’s needed – and be open with your communication as a means to getting the best out of them.