Flexibility shouldn’t be limited to start times or work locations. Software engineers should be empowered to make decisions about their work. There are certainly guidelines and policies that must be respected, but in general, it’s better to have the technical staff decide and agree on things such as coding standards, processes, tools, and design decisions. Business leaders should define the end objectives and goals and empower the technical staff to figure out how to best implement, possibly using self-managed developing teams.

Simplify and streamline

Software engineers like to get work done, but often the plethora of tools required to get the work done are slow, cumbersome, or don’t integrate nicely. Likewise, bureaucratic processes that don’t add much value can end up slowing employees down. The Agile Manifesto promotes simplification and “individuals and interactions over processes and tools.” Whether or not your organization uses an agile methodology or a more traditional approach, look for ways to streamline your processes and simplify your tools so your workforce is focusing on work that matters most.

Source: http://techbeacon.com/13-ways-motivate-software-engineers