Any project benefits from good communication. Agile projects are no exception. If you haven’t run an agile project before, communication is especially important. Being kept in the loop about what is ahead of schedule and what is behind schedule can help alleviate concerns with unpredictability. A transparent process keeps people at ease and lets them focus on what is important: delivering the best possible product to their users.

Dedicated teams

Agile works best with a dedicated team of people who are willing and want to collaborate. The better the collaboration, the better the product.

Good planning

For an agile project to succeed, it requires good planning. This doesn’t mean planning everything down to the day or week like in a traditional waterfall project, but it does mean thinking through the project ahead of time: coming up with a robust project backlog and estimating features as best you can.

Get after it

Agile is meant to improve your life, not complicate it. It is meant to help you release your products faster, better and for less money. It is meant to be less risky than waterfall. It is meant to help teams work together better to generate their best work. Give it a whirl. Start with a small project that you can handle, and I bet you will enjoy it.