Learn Git

Git is the in fact standard for source control and version control for all modern open-source projects. All open-source projects are hosted on a cloud Git platform called Github.

You can learn the basics of Git in about a day if you have someone to explain the concepts. If you are on your own, expect to learn the mechanics in a few days, but don’t get dissapointed if it takes weeks or even months for the concepts to sink in. Enterprises (companies) may still use its predecessors like Subversion, or Concurrent Version System (cvs) or even some proprietary systems like starTeam. However, Git has emerged as the clear victor and will be around for many years to come.

Choose both Backend and Frontend language

This is probably the most important tip but maybe we should add the word “primary” to both selections. A backend language is a language that runs on the server typically in the cloud and it contains logic that you don’t want to expose to your user, like authentification.

A front end language is passed from the server (backend) but it is executed on the user’s browser and is typically based on Javascript, like Angular, React, or Ember. Popular choices are Java, NodeJS, PHP, GO, Ruby, Python. If I had to choose one, I would choose Node since it is basically Javascript; however, a lot of purists think GO is better. For front end languages, Javascript is the underpinning layer for all.

If I were starting now I would consider Angular and React to be the front runners. Each good language has its own package manager that helps you get all the dependencies and you should take some time to learn them.

Source: https://appirio.com/tech-blog/top-11-things-every-beginning-web-developer-should-know-part-1