Magnifying Glass is a free and flexible screen zooming utility. You can magnify any portions of the screen under your mouse. It is useful for designers, engineers, visually impaired users. It has various and unique set of features and many visual options. You can apply various settings by right clicking on its icon. You can double click on its system tray icon to activate it.

Basic version has enough good features.

Pro version is commercial and has many good features: supports different interface languages. Works on all windows versions.

Lessen eyestrain for those with normal vision.

Enhance onscreen and projected detail.

Allow modification of the magnified area in real time (e.g., invert or rotate the image, change the contrast).

Take advantage of multi-monitor systems. For example, one monitor (or TV screen) could be dedicated to a full-screen Glass — a magnified, easy-to-view display of the image on the primary working display.

Provide you with more control over your business presentations.