As mobile applications become more and more important for businesses and consumers expecting higher quality apps for mobile devices, testing teams need to adapt and get ready to verify and evaluate mobile apps as part of their projects. Evaluating the quality of mobile devices is especially resource-intensive and time-consuming, especially as automating tests for mobile devices can be quite complex.

There are various tools and online resources to help you build tests for your mobile devices, record and run automated UI and unit tests for mobile apps and code libraries, as well as help you test responsive and fluid web interfaces. Whether you are testing native apps or HTML5/web interfaces for iOS, Android or other platforms, the below listed tools, books and online resources help you get started with mobile testing and related best practices.

Automating the testing of mobile applications is especially challenging as mobile devices are less accessible and less open than standard desktop environments or web-based applications. Vendors of automated testing tools usually offer specialized modules or additional tools as part of their products designed for mobile applications. There are also a couple of free open source tools that you can use to automate your mobile application tests.


DeviceAnywhere is available in multiple editions and allows you to test your apps and websites on different devices and automate your mobile tests.


Ranorex can be used to automatically test mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. Ranorex allows you to directly record your tests on your device to build your tests.


eggPlant is another test automation tool that also supports various mobile development platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile/Phone.

Silk Mobile

Silk Mobile is a test automation tool for web, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices, which allows you to build and run your automated tests without having to jailbreak your devices.


SeeTest is a test automation tool for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. It allows you to record your tests on real devices and can be used to build cross-platform test automation suites.


MonkeyTalk is an open source test automation tool for mobile devices. It can be used to automate real, functional interactive tests for native, mobile, and hybrid iOS and Android apps, everything from simple smoke tests to more complex data-driven test suites.


NativeDriver is an implementation of the WebDriver API which drives of the UI of a native application rather than a web application. The project is working on drivers for Android, iOS and Windows/Windows Phone devices and applications.