Debts collection software

UAB Sergel

Sergel2Development and improvement of the debt recovery system.

This project was launched in 2008. It is still being developed. During this time, we experienced the full change in our approach to communication, we learnt to appreciate the long-term relationship and realized that only a focused and patiently working can gain you confidence.

Problem. Many resource-consuming debt administration reduces the competitiveness of the company, increases the burden of debt administration, and deteriorates recovery rates.

The project was aimed at increasing company’s competitiveness and recovery efficiency.

In order to solve a number of problems we have developed the debt recovery system, which helps to achieve better recovery results at lower cost.


Main modules of the system:

  1. Case catalogue
  • Simple and advanced case search
  • Case data review and editing
  • Case tax refund review
  • Payment schedule creation, refund review
  • History by case recovery actions
  • Case-related mailing history
  • Case-related communicating messages to the client
  • Scheduling of case-related works


  1. Client catalogue
  • Simple and advanced client search
  • Client data review and editing
  • History of communication with the client
  • Client agreement management, sending of reminders
  • Selection of client case-applied recovery patterns
  • Selection of client case-applied letter patters
  • Management of bought and managed case packages
  • Communication with the client (messages)
  • Client-related work scheduling
  • Management of accesses to the client zone provided to the client


  1. Work scheduling
  • Work review, execution for a logged in employee
  • Review and management of works with a specified deadline
  • Review of works performed, return for execution
  • Review and management of all works that has not yet been executed


  1. Recovery patterns
  • Development of a tree for recovery pattern steps (actions)
  • Description of tax logic depending on a pattern step
  • Pattern assignment for clients
  • Extra setting for manually-executed works


  1. Recovery actions
  • Review of letter ready for sending, regeneration, if needed
  • Review of incorrect letter, their regeneration
  • Creation of a letter package, its transfer to Itella
  • Review, status monitoring of the transferred letter packages
  • History of actions pending for an employee or client approval
  • GRT query history
  • Debt transfer to credit information administered by SAIS


  1. Case importing
  • Importing case list from Excel
  • History of previously uploaded cases
  • Management of cases transferred to recovery through the client zone


  1. Registry importing
  • Loading of the date on the vehicle owned from DBF. Format provided by Regitra is used.


  1. Importing payment
  • Payment import from LITAS. Generic LITAS-ESIS format is used.
  • Payment import from Excel. Internal system format is used.
  • Payment import from DBF. Format provided by AB Lietuvos Paštas is used.


  1. Exporting payment
  • Management of automatic-periodic export
  • History of automatic and manual export


  1. Employee access management
  • Simple and advances employee search
  • Review and editing of employee data
  • Authorisation to connect to the system and its cancellation
  • Creation of groups o frights and their assignment to employees
  • Configuration of authorisation of a specific group of rights


  1. System settings
  • Management of shared selection lists
  • Management of employee departments
  • Creation of contact types and source lists
  • Creation of client-type list
  • Creation of lists of client agreement type and causes
  • VAT change history, recording of new values
  • Management of the list questions/answers displayed in the client zone


  1. Reports
  • Financial statements
  • Client zone reports


  1. Client environment
  • Demo access to the client zone on-line
  • For registered clients
  • Review for a debt list transferred by the client, debt search
  • Review of specific debt information
  • Extra feature to demonstrate to the debtor’s debts to other creditor
  • Extra feature to search the debtor’s debt to creditors by code
  • Approval or rejection of action that require client approval
  • Communication with employees of the recovery company (by SMS)
  • Statistics of debts transferred by client
  • Exporting the statistics of debts transferred by client in a selected format (XLS, CSV, PDF)
  • Transfer of a new case list for recovery
  • History of previously transferred case lists
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Review of client profile data, password change


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