UAB „Idi media“

Saltinis1The project had an objective — the final product must be easily accessible for people with visual impairment. To this end, navigation through keyboard using hot keys, text contrast and font size control were implemented; navigation was also facilitated with the help of Headings. Moreover, a few more ‘delicious’ features were installed — they turn work into a true pleasure! To name a few:

  • Automatic Facebook event synchronisation with event calendar. Once you created event in Club’s Facebook account, the event appears in the website — no puzzles!
  • Automatic synchronisation of the Club’s Facebook account photos with website’s gallery. Say, you took a bunch of pictures with your smart phone; they are instantly uploaded in the Facebook account. Thanks to our efforts, there is nothing you need to do more — pictures are uploaded to by our smart application.
  • News publication in the website via e- mail. That is so easy! Send the message text by confidential e-mail — and yippee! Your message is in the website.
  • Automatic placement of news on Facebook. That is the very function for those who save time. The only thing you need to do is to post news on the website and go drink coffee — it will instantly appear in your Facebook stream.

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