Online Learning System


Installation of AlanttosTVM Distance Learning System.

The project was aimed at increasing of the effectiveness of teachers. What did we do to satisfy the client? We simply installed the distance learning system, which allows students to deepen knowledge, to check it using tests and to know the results right away. We can only guess what teachers will do during the time free from checking tests. We believe that their employee will find them more interesting activities… Read more

This project was also successful of the fact that we uploaded 6,000 A4 pages of learning materials into the system — this made us sweat!

The system design was customised to client’s needs to ensure work will be smoother.

Interesting functions of the system:

  • Students have the opportunity of comparing their results with the course’s average score
  • Group and individual tasks on-line
  • Creation of joint documents
  • Chatting with course mates on-line
  • User-friendly calendar
  • Quiz import
  • Deadline setting for quiz delivery
  • Mixing of quiz questions


Other functions:

  1. System is designed for remote training organisation
  2. System’s user interface is simple, clear, efficient, and compatible with standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.)
  3. System runs stably in Linux, Windows XP/2000/2003/Windows 7, Mac OS operating system platforms
  4. System supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL database management systems
  5. Data of forms presented in the system is checked and filtered, cookies are coded
  6. System texts (curricula, forum posts etc.) are entered using a WYSIWYG-type HTML editor.
  7. System supports no less than 1,000 courses
  8. Data on system set-up and courses is stored in the database
  9. System parameters are determined during the system installation
  10. There is a possibility of editing the main system settings during installation or using default settings
  11. Possibility of customising system appearance (fonts, colours, screen layout)
  12. Using the text editor, the system can edit packs of all system languages (Lithuanian and English)
  13. System has the Lithuanian language package
  14. System Code is clearly written in PHP, which can then be modified to adapt to specific needs.

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