Debt recovery system


Debt recovery is procedural activities. Everyday actions performed by an employee are clearly defined, which allows ideally optimising the recovery process.

The system itself reminds of arrears, allocates tasks for employees, manages data on debtors from external registers and does many other useful things.

If you employ the system, you will never be disappointed, because it never takes a sick leave, it does not need vocation and is never late for work. Thanks to this system, you will achieve effective performance and increase your business profitability.


Most useful functions of the system:

  • Effective management of all information about clients and their debts in one place
  • File import from EXCEL files Import of thousands of files in one click
  • Automatic task allocation — the system will do it for you, too!
  • The system will remind of arrears persons of interest by SMS or e- mail as scheduled
  • Import of payments from the 5 largest banks in Lithuania and automatic assignment of the debts
  • Once you set the sequence of recovery, you will recover thousands of debts faster
  • Monitoring of progress of automatically-created debt recovery actions, thus improving recovery performance
  • Get the most relevant information instantly and make the right decisions
  • Learn about the borrower-owned vehicles and improve the recovery performance
  • Manage your paperwork! Send an unlimited number of registered mail via Itella.
  • Always know where to find the debtor using the interface with the Residents’ Register Service
  • Transfer data on debtors to debtors’ system SAIS — in just one click!
  • System Manager’ clients have access to self-service portal
  • A number of other options that turns work into pleasure

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