Distance learning system


Distance learning system Moodle.

100 years ago people travelled miles away to gain knowledge.

50 years ago, with the expansion of cities, people studied at universities founded in their home towns or cities.

Now we gain knowledge — impossible as it may seem — by clicking buttons! We can study on the beach, in the country, on the bus — or wherever we can find Internet connection. Connect to the Distance Learning System and dive into the world of knowledge and communication.

The product is designed for universities, educational institutions and companies engaged in training.

Moodle has been developed for more than 10 years and is the most widely-used open-source system in the world. Our role in Moodle’s installation projects is system installation, functionality and design customisation, system localisation, course material uploading, system hosting and maintenance.

Most useful functions of the Moodle 2.0 system:

  • Supports a particularly large number of courses
  • Supports MS Office, audio and video and flash file formats
  • Compatible with the most popular browsers
  • Possibility of importing files and quiz questions from MS Word
  • Possibility of setting deadlines for tasks
  • Possibility of testing a large number of students at a time
  • Possibility of limiting testing duration
  • Automatic quiz evaluation and presentation of results immediately after completion of a quiz
  • Possibility of changing sequence of quiz questions
  • Possibility of working in groups
  • Possibility of carrying out surveys, chat on-line and many more properties required for distance learning


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