Electronic Publications Management System


What valuable changes does the system implement?

It has 10-fold increased readers’ involvement into the process of audio book reading and publishing. Readers have the opportunity to offer voice recording of their favourite books, the library has a means to systematically collect and analyse requirements. The outcome is clear: readers get more audio books that meet their needs, they are more satisfied with library services, and recommend library services to their friends, thus helping the library to expand its customer base.

Most useful functions of the system:

  • Recommend a publication. Readers offer their sought-after library books to voice over, and then enjoy them, assess and discuss with other readers.
  • Recommend and rate an announcer. Audio book is not only the content, but also its performance. It is impossible to resist Eglė Špokaitė, Jūratė Jeseliūnienė, Virgilijus Kubilius or Algimantas Bružas’ ability to convey the moods and emotions of the book. It is only thanks to the great announcers and their marvellous performance you can curl up with laughter or burst into tears. Due to the possibility of recommending an announcer, readers can listen to their favourite voices. Readers may also assess or comment on the performance of the announcers.
  • Rate and comment on the proposed books. It is always easy to judge unworthy of attention recommendations. However, it is such an excitement to discover real gems.
  • Catalogue of publications. It is a huge treasure house, where one can easily find things that will gladden him and assuage his desire for knowledge.
  • Rate a publication. Push the button and express your opinion on the selected book.
  • Leave a comment. It is an irreplaceable opportunity to say a good word or express your criticism.
  • Readers Club. This is a place to share your reading experiences with peers.
  • Make a bundle. It is simple and fun — capture the most memorable highlights of the books and share them.
  • And many other functions that are necessary to satisfy today’s readers’ needs and to manage professional administration of a cloud library.

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