Project management system

Project management system Redmine.


We ourselves have been using this tool for management of company’s projects since 2009. The programme was chosen because of its flexibility and wide applicability, continuous improvement and — most importantly — of the fact that it is open source.


Most useful functions of the Redmine system:

  • It is easy and fast
  • Centralised database of all company’ projects
  • Easy navigation between projects
  • Simple search
  • Flexible data filters
  • Generation and storage of individual data query
  • Detailed information about each project, including project review, situation map, daily activities, and hours spent in execution of the project, all project tasks, task execution history, project calendar, Gantt charts, project documentation, news, forum, articles etc.
  • Convenient task creation, copying between projects, linked tasks creation/ assignment to users, deadline setting, sending of automatic reminders about the tasks to operators
  • Task creation via e-mail
  • Task update via e-mail and automatic recording hosting system
  • Project event subscription via RSS
  • And a number of other options worthy of your attention


Our role in Redmine’s installation projects is system installation and configuration taking into account organisation’s specifics and individual business processes, system localisation, installation of system updates, system hosting and maintenance.

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