On we can find new project to help blind people by using smartphone. Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who is visually impaired himself came up with the idea and presented it at a Startup Weekend event in Denmark April 2012.

Blind people use smartphones with screen readers.

Be my eyes application on two smartphones turn video call and sighted helper can see blind man and his environment. Sighted helper can read descriptions, see way, where blind man must go.

Be me eyes application binds blind people and sighted helpers in a network. When blind people need help they use an application and application calls Sighted helper, if helper can not answer, the application calls other volunteer.

Be My Eyes makes life easier for the blind, by connecting them with sighted helpers through a smartphone app. This allows the blind to handle big and small tasks, while sighted get the joy of helping someone else in a easy and informal way.

Be me eyes is available for iphone users at the moment, but developers are working on Android version.