SayText reads out loud the text in the image. It is intended for the visually impaired users. SayText is a free spin off product from the DocScanner team.


1. Place the iPhone center of a document and double-tap the “Take picture” –button

2. Slowly elevate the iPhone upwards from the document, until the whole document is in picture. A beep sound indicates, that the document has been detected. The camera will shoot automatically when focused

3. While the OCR is running, tap the screen to hear the progress status

4. When the OCR is ready, swipe right on the screen to listen the document

Customer Reviews

To think that this was made for the visually impaired makes this app all the more frustrating. After 20 minutes of it picking up no actual words and numerously flipping the orientation the wrong way, im more upset that i wasted my time rather than just reading the dang thing. Had great potential for audio learners such as myself but very poorly executed.


After Using this app for few days, found out the auto shoot does work on both of my iPhone 4 and 4s. You just have to make sure to scan a whole page and not just portion of the page. And dark letter on white background is important too. A steady hand can help too.