Website development


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Before you develop a website, briefly answer to yourself the following questions:

  1. What benefits you create for your customers?
  2. What is you real buyer?
  3. Do your clients recommend your services to each other?
  4. Why your service is better than competitor’s?
  5. Why should I buy from you?
  6. Why do you need a new website?

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What are technical issues that you should know of your website?

  1. The website must be intuitive.
  2. The website must be fast.
  3. The website must be developed by professionals, in compliance with the HTML, XHTML and CSS standards.
  4. The website must be neatly displayed in different browsers and different operating systems.
  5. The website must be accessible by mobile devices.
  6. The website must be accessible for the disabled.
  7. The website must be search engine-friendly.
  8. The website must contain some unique content.

Further we will share some useful tools for controlling developers’ performance and protecting your investment.

Check your website’s speed Here

Check if your website contains broken links Here

Check if your website is professionally developed and complies with HTML and XHTML requirements Here

Check whether your site meets CSS requirements Here

Find out if your website is correctly displayed in different browsers and operating systems Here

Find out if your site is accessible by mobile devices Here

Check if your website is accessible by the disabled. Here we provide some tools for this purpose




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