Daily standup

Every morning of the sprint the project team gets together for a short (under 15 minute) meeting. This meeting takes place at the same time every day and includes everyone on the project. Everyone stands up for the meeting to keep everyone focused and to keep the meeting short. Often a timer is set so that the meeting does not run long. Each person on the team is tasked to answer 3 simple questions: What did you work on yesterday? What are you working on today? Do you need any help or are there any blockers in your way? These three questions allow for complete transparency. Everyone on the team is in the loop, and the answers make people accountable for what they say they will deliver. The results of this meeting are typically shared with the client. This daily communication makes sure that if something is holding up the team, they can get a response quickly.

Sprint review meeting

At the end of every sprint something of value is produced. Something that theoretically could be launched. The sprint review meeting brings together the project team and other project stakeholders like the client to present the work that was completed. The sprint review always starts with a functional demo. A conversation then takes place on how it can be improved and if there needs to be any reprioritizing of the project backlog. Then the team collectively plans out the next sprint.

Source: http://agilehandbook.com/agile-handbook.pdf