Apps for blind and visually impaired

Stitcher Radio allows you to create your own playable station of all your favorite content. News like CNN, BBC, music and podcasts are organized to listen to seamlessly like Pandora Radio. Stitcher also helps you find new and interesting content by showing the other programs users are listening to.

Listen to your favorite news, comedy, music, sports ant talk radio shows, podcasts from your iPhone and iPad discover the best.

Change the way to listen to radio, grab new experience. This app is good for blind and visually impaired users. It is compatible with VoiceOver.

User Rewievs

Stitcher is amazing radio app you can listen it everywhere. I have long been a Stitcher user. This is a great app to get the podcasts and shows I want to hear from the web into my ears easily. I can create stations of my favorites, and the app works great.

There are enough other podcast apps that I dont need Stitcher invading all the nooks and crannies of my device looking for personal info. Its got spotty reception anyway and doesnt save my settings no matter how many times they’re saved.