Apple Voice Over includes options to magnify, keyboard control and verbal descriptions in English to describe what is happening on screen. It also reads aloud file content as well as web pages, E-mail messages and word processing files whilst providing a relatively accurate narrative of the user’s workspace. This covers a wide array of keyboard commands that enable user navigation of the Mac OS X interface.

You can control Voice Over using many of the same gestures you use on iOS. Touch the trackpad to hear a description of the item under your finger, drag to hear items continuously, and flick to move to the next item. Enable the Voice Over Trackpad Commander, and the trackpad surface will represent the current window or document, so you can navigate quickly to any corner or edge with a tap. Using Voice Over with gestures, you get a clear sense of how items are arranged on the screen.

Voice Over is the first screen reader to provide plug-and-play support for refreshable braille displays. Plug in or sync up a display, and the Voice Over description is presented to you in braille. OS X includes software drivers for more than 50 USB and wireless braille displays, so they work right out of the box.

Voice over works on iOs too.