“Apps for blind”

Eyes-Free Shell Android apps for blind and visual impaired people


All Android phones that have Android version 1.6 or later, contain built-in support for speech output and accessibility, completely free. While not all applications are accessible, Android is quite customizable. By downloading the right software and configuring the phone properly, a visually-impaired user can access just about any function, including making phone calls, text messaging, email, web browsing, downloading and using many of the thousands of apps on the Android market.

Turns your Android into an eyes-free communication device.

Provides one-touch access to Android applications, as well as useful mini-apps built into the Eyes-Free Shell.

Move your finger over the screen to explore; lift your finger up to run what you stopped on.

The eyes-Free Shell is an alternative home screen or launcher for drivers and other people who don’t or can’t look at the screen. It gives blind and visually impaired users a way of interacting with the touch screen to check status information, launch other applications, and direct dial or message a contact.

The Eyes-Free Shell has several parts. The main screen has 7 widgets or mini-apps that offer users quick access to information like time and battery status. It is the screen that opens when the Shell is launched.

In addition to the main screen, the Shell has at least 2 other pages (called menus), where users can place shortcuts to things they use frequently. In fact, if the Shell appears to be blank as users attempt to interact with it, the likely reason is that they are on one of the shortcuts pages, not the main screen.


Alternative for Siri Dragon dictation


Apps for blind and visually impaired

If you are not fortunate enough to own an iPhone 4S with Siri, Dragon Dictation is vital. Do not have time to use your iPhone keyboard with VoiceOver? Simply speak, adding punctuation as needed verbally, and Dragon Dictation will type it up in an instant and copy it to your clipboard. This app has a small learning curve and is truly essential. Best of all it is offered for free!

Use your voice to dictate a text message or email, create Facebook status updates or a Tweet, and anything in between – simply speak and see your text content appear. Download Dragon Dictation for iOS now.

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.


Talking calculator


Apps for blind and visually impaired

A comprehensively featured calculator that has become a favorite among adults and primary schools around the world. Designed for a wide range of users, this calculator has large colorful buttons, optional high contrast, full VoiceOver support, and unique to this calculator; the option to use speech for answers, button names and formulas!

*** Showcased by Apple Australia at the Association of Special Education Administrators in Queensland Inc. Conference 2011 ***

“We have found it particularly useful to students with developmental delays.”

– Apple (Australia) If you’re looking for a talking calculator with scientific or fraction operators, then please look for this app’s big brother, the Talking Scientific Calculator.

Talking Calculator’s features include:

– Select between two user-interfaces: standard calculator, and ultra-simple, which is ideal for young children.

– Reads answers, entered numbers and formulas aloud. For example:

1,234.56 is spoken as “One thousand, two hundred and thirty four point five six.”

2 + 5 x 3^2 is spoken as “two plus five multiply three squared”

– Two entry modes, Standard and Formula. Standard mode emulates traditional calculators: You need to be mindful of the ‘order of operations’. Formula mode takes care of the order of operations for you. You enter a mathematical expression, complete with operators and parentheses (brackets), tap the EQUALS button, and the expression is evaluated. This is similar to using formulas in Microsoft Excel.

– Paper log feature, designed particularly for classroom use. Calculations are recorded with a timestamp and can be viewed or emailed.

– Built in recording studio and script. Requires only 5 minutes to record a new voice. Recordings can be transferred between devices using Bluetooth.

– Optionally integrates with the iOS VoiceOver feature: As you move your finger over the screen, the names of buttons are spoken to you. Double-tap to activate the selected button (or single tap with a second finger.) The calculator’s voice will speak the calculation results. The iPad/iPhone’s Home button can be triple-clicked to switch this mode of operation on and off.

– The entire app is accessible to VoiceOver users, including the recording studio for recording your own voice and the use of complex formulas.

– International number formats

– Optional high contrast mode (black on yellow)

Customizable for each level of vision.

Stitcher Radio


Apps for blind and visually impaired

Stitcher Radio allows you to create your own playable station of all your favorite content. News like CNN, BBC, music and podcasts are organized to listen to seamlessly like Pandora Radio. Stitcher also helps you find new and interesting content by showing the other programs users are listening to.

Listen to your favorite news, comedy, music, sports ant talk radio shows, podcasts from your iPhone and iPad discover the best.

Change the way to listen to radio, grab new experience. This app is good for blind and visually impaired users. It is compatible with VoiceOver.

User Rewievs

Stitcher is amazing radio app you can listen it everywhere. I have long been a Stitcher user. This is a great app to get the podcasts and shows I want to hear from the web into my ears easily. I can create stations of my favorites, and the app works great.

There are enough other podcast apps that I dont need Stitcher invading all the nooks and crannies of my device looking for personal info. Its got spotty reception anyway and doesnt save my settings no matter how many times they’re saved.


Say Text Apps for blind and visually impaired people



SayText reads out loud the text in the image. It is intended for the visually impaired users. SayText is a free spin off product from the DocScanner team.


1. Place the iPhone center of a document and double-tap the “Take picture” –button

2. Slowly elevate the iPhone upwards from the document, until the whole document is in picture. A beep sound indicates, that the document has been detected. The camera will shoot automatically when focused

3. While the OCR is running, tap the screen to hear the progress status

4. When the OCR is ready, swipe right on the screen to listen the document

Customer Reviews

To think that this was made for the visually impaired makes this app all the more frustrating. After 20 minutes of it picking up no actual words and numerously flipping the orientation the wrong way, im more upset that i wasted my time rather than just reading the dang thing. Had great potential for audio learners such as myself but very poorly executed.


After Using this app for few days, found out the auto shoot does work on both of my iPhone 4 and 4s. You just have to make sure to scan a whole page and not just portion of the page. And dark letter on white background is important too. A steady hand can help too.


Awareness! The Headphone App


Apps for blind and visually impaired

For the visually impaired using headphones, Awareness! The Headphone App, is essential. It allows you to listen to your headphones while also hearing the sounds around you. It uses the microphone to feed in noises as you listen to music or use another app. Hear a car approaching or a doorbell ringing! Using Awareness, you will not miss those vital audio clues that keep your day on track.


Listen to music AND the outside world – Walking, running, jogging, cycling, or even lounging, Awareness!® helps you hear what’s happening around you – Want to talk without removing your headphones? just tap the mic icon on the Awareness!® screen.

The best Street Safety app, stay aware whatever you are listening to

An aid for the blind and partially sighted – retain awareness using headphones

A powerful hearing aid – louder than all hearing aid apps we’ve tried

A Spy device for covert listening – can pick up conversations in rooms next door


Ariadne GPS Apps for blind and visual impaired people


In a world that relies on visual clues to navigate, exploring a city or taking a solo walk is no longer a challenge for the visually impaired. Ariadne GPS is a new app that brilliantly meets the needs of the blind in an easy to use interface. Talking maps allow you to explore the world around you by moving your finger around the map. While exploring, crossing a street is signaled by vibration. It has a favorites feature and can be used to announce stops on the bus or train. Rotating maps keep you centered, with territory behind the user on the bottom of the screen and what is ahead on the top portion. Available in multiple languages, Ariadne GPS works anywhere Google Maps are available. This is a must-have application for the visually impaired.

Ariadne GPS is more than simple GPS app.

Color ID Free



Useful and free color picker for blind and visual impaired users.

Are there clouds in the sky? Is the iPod done charging? What color are the pants and other clothes just tried on? Does this tie match? Is the tomato ripe yet? Is this lip liner or eye liner? Is the sour cream moldy? Color ID Free is here to answer all these questions and more. Just point the iPhone camera at any item and it will announce the color for you. Brilliantly simple and easy to use, this application will open a new world to those who cannot see. It is amazingly accurate and can even find very subtle differences in color. It offers a setting for basic colors, such as “pale yellow green” or more advanced colors such as “fresh apricot.” For our tests we found the basic setting to be far more useful.

Color Identifier uses the camera on your iPhone or iPod touch to speak the names of colors in real-time. It’s an Augmented Reality app for discovering the names of the colors around you!

The color names are fun and specific: Paris Daisy, Lavender Rose, Moon Mist, and many more. The app also supports Simple Colors. Tap the color square at the top left corner to toggle between Simple Colors and Exotic Colors.

It can be a useful app for the blind and visually impaired, but I think it’s fun for everyone.

It will also tell you the hex value of the color, so you can identify exactly what color the camera sees.


CamFind – Search, QR Reader, Price Comparison & Barcode Scanner


Apps for blind and visual impaired people

It has been said that technology has made the world smaller, but for the blind or those with poor vision, iDevices are opening up a whole new world. This AppList highlights some of the most innovative and entertaining apps available to the vision impaired. Now, with the aid of an iPhone, the blind can virtually see color, light, paper money and much more.

Over 1 million users love CamFind! Take a picture of any object and learn more about it.

CamFind is the very first successful visual search engine that can photograph, identify, and provide information on any object, at any angle.
Forget about typing queries into your browser to get information, instead use CamFind to take a picture and learn!


* Internet Search Results

* Related/Similar Images

* Price Comparisons and Online Shopping

* Related Places and Address Finder

* Film Poster/DVD Recognition

* Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

* Ability to upload and save images to or from Camera Roll

* QR and Barcode Scanner

* Language Translator

* Voice Search

* Text Search

* VoiceOver compatible
* And much more…

Download CamFind now to experience a mobile search like never before.
The evolution is coming – text-based search is the old way of doing things. Don’t fall behind the curve – get CamFind!

Camfind is free and very clever app. It can identify things on images taken with phone camera and provide more information than name. Camfind can help for sighted users they are not native English speakers learn and remember new words.

Project be my eyes -new way to help for blind people


On http://www.bemyeyes.org/ we can find new project to help blind people by using smartphone. Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who is visually impaired himself came up with the idea and presented it at a Startup Weekend event in Denmark April 2012.

Blind people use smartphones with screen readers.

Be my eyes application on two smartphones turn video call and sighted helper can see blind man and his environment. Sighted helper can read descriptions, see way, where blind man must go.

Be me eyes application binds blind people and sighted helpers in a network. When blind people need help they use an application and application calls Sighted helper, if helper can not answer, the application calls other volunteer.

Be My Eyes makes life easier for the blind, by connecting them with sighted helpers through a smartphone app. This allows the blind to handle big and small tasks, while sighted get the joy of helping someone else in a easy and informal way.

Be me eyes is available for iphone users at the moment, but developers are working on Android version.