GeorgiePhone is a family of apps for blind or low vision people and people looking for a simple, no nonsense phone. With its big talking buttons, clear print, simple layout and choice of colour themes, it is far more than a screenreader for smartphones.

blind and visually impaired people;

people who can’t see or read and need talking software;

people who can’t manage small buttons and words on a cluttered screen;

people nervous of phones; a friend or carer can manage everything remotely;

seniors and older people;

people with other special needs and disabilities.

What can GeorgiePhone do for you?

Much more than phoning, texting and keeping in touch. GeorgiePhone is like a friend who helps with everyday tasks and takes the stress out of travelling alone. Georgiephone confirms where you are and what’s around, bus journey information, your ability to keep up with the web and YouTube, reading print and diary dates.

Users review

“I can’t stop worrying about my Dad. He has poor sight and hearing. However busy I am, I can keep in touch with him, remind him about pills, appointments and remotely sort out his phone and actually see his face to know he is well. GeorgiePhone has given him the confidence and independence to keep walking about, travelling on the bus and enjoying a fulfilled lifestyle.”
Lindsey (Colchester)