All web browsers allows enlarge and reduce text size through the buttons in the menu bar or by using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+ ant Ctrl- or other keyboard shortcuts. These changes are temporary. To make text and images large by default you need change the settings of the web browser.

In your web browser you can change colors, text size or use text to speech function on your web browser.

For mobile devices are created talking browsers they are created for busy people. Talking browser is a mobile application for mobile phones android and iphone you can read and listen the text on webpage. This application is created for busy people. For blind or visually impaired people is difficult to use this application.

For better web browsing you can use keyboard shortcuts. With keyboard shortcuts you can open, navigate and close webpage in your web browser.

All browsers support the Tab key to jump from one page element or control to another. Other keyboard shortcuts popular keyboard shortcuts:

“Enter” – activates links or controls such as form submit buttons

“Page-Down”, “Page-Up”, and “Arrow” keys – scroll within the web page

“Alt Arrow-Left” and “Alt Arrow-Right” – move back and forth in the history

“Ctrl T”, “Ctrl Tab”, and “Ctrl W” – create, switch between, and close browser tabs.

If text on webpage is too large you can select the page and copy text and paste in the Word or Writer window.


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