Surrounding them with talent

Software engineers thrive in environments where they’re surrounded by technical talent. If they’re stuck on a team in which they’re having to pick up the slack or clean up mistakes from their less-talented colleagues, and no one is doing anything about it, they’ll start looking for a better situation. Teamwork is important and engineers need to work well together. If there’s a disrupter in the group, the organization has to be proactive about handling the situation.


Software engineers are often big gamers and will spend hours on a challenging game in order to get to the next level. Gamification is big business and any time you can make work fun, you’ll have more energized and engaged employees. One company that has gamified workplace happiness is OfficeVibe. With their application, employees gain points for doing activities aimed at improving the culture. Check out their application and blog for specific ideas about how to improve your work culture.