As a sighted travel guest …
you will assist a blind person during the daily program, enabling her/him to travel and in return take part in an exclusive, very multifaceted and fully organized travel program.
You describe interesting visual things along the way and thereby perceive your surroundings in a very intense and detailed way
You will experience not only the usual sights, but get to know the holiday destination with all your senses: tastings and degustations, guided aroma tours, concerts, nature experiences etc. In this way you will learn to make greater use of your non-visual senses.As a compensation for your commitment and help
you will participate in a fully organized and guided trip for a strongly discounted price and so pay up to 50% less than for comparable offerings. This applies also for sighted relatives or acquaintances of blind and partially sighted guests.
Blind and partially sighted people manage their daily lives completely independently but do need some support concerning orientation within unknown surroundings. On our trips sighted travelers are therefore expressly guests and not supervisors. In case you previously did not have any practice accompanying blind or visually impaired people, you will receive written instructions and take part in an introduction right at the beginning of the journey.