Web accessibility was born 1996 with an initiative of the few individuals from the W3C. After some discussions W3C heads created first guidelines, but the divergence of individual initiatives and standard guidelines provided no real solution to users and programmers worldwide. One of internet developers Tim Berners-Lee says:

“The emergence of the World Wide Web has made it possible for individuals with appropriate computer and telecommunications equipment to interact as never before. It presents new challenges and new hopes to people with disabilities.

As part of its commitment to realize the full potential of the Web, the Consortium has been promoting a high degree of usability for disabled people, by following the development and encourage an ongoing discussion in the area. This limited involvement has been to host as a catalytic nucleus the disabilities page (linked from our home page) .W3C thanks Michael G. Paciello for his efforts in maintaining this page.”

Also web accessibility was born with internet.

Keywords: Accessibility history, internet, Tim Berners-Lee, web