Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the most underrated methods of seeking for great service providers. If you have a professional network make some due diligence, you’ll surely find someone who has done business with app or web development companies before. You’ll get good and bad reviews – try to make a reasonable choice, not an emotional one. You’re going to spend some money with these people, choose wisely.

Look through catalogs

This is another great way of finding real proven experts in the industry. Catalogs are usually very careful about who they rank, and agencies that care about their reputation (and customers, of course) have great visible profiles. Moreover, some catalogs like Appfutura, TheyMakeApps, CrunchBase offer services for contacting, pitching and even paying for your projects. You can leave your review for those you’ve worked with to help others choose. All safe and secure, easily managed.

Find companies that include UI/UX design into cost

Working out project requirements and going through user experience design all by yourself is very time – consuming. Which is why is recommended working with someone who offers a workflow through wireframing, prorotyping and mockups. UI/UX is key for mobile apps. That’s the basis of how your user interacts with your software. No room for bad decisions here.

Your future development partner sould ideally have exertise with both UI/UX design AND development. However, you’re free to turn to a number of different providers for those two services.

Check product portfolios

They are often explicitly presented at the websites, at least the public projects (many other may well be under non–disclosure agreements). Check Etalinq portfolio to have a look at what your future partner has done in terms of design. As soon as you get more comfortable and get more info on what’s next – move on.

At this point you should have a shortlist of 5 – 7 app development companies. If it’s more – try narrowing down to save you time and effort. It it’s less – do more research, you will definitely find more great compamies to do business with.

Bonus tip

A good idea would be to do a social media research. That will give you the understanding of WHO the people you’re going to work with are. That really gives some insights. You want real people, don’t you, not faceless bots. Read blogs, get to know more about what you’re going to do.