Windows 2007 has now caught up with Apple Systems by offering free software to enable universal access. In prior versions, windows listed several adaptations under programs, accessories and accessibility. Under the accessibility options, the user was able to utilize the magnifier, accessibility wizard and narrator. If you’re looking for these options in Windows 2007, you’re looking in the wrong place. New accessibility options are now listed under the sub-heading Ease of Use. You can locate the Ease of Use menu by entering the phrase listed in the search bar.

Ease of Use Features

Screen magnification Features: full screen, lens, locked or dock view, and split screen

Note: In addition to the magnifier, Windows 2007 has a complete menu to select your visual settings and it assists you in identifying the clearest test image for your monitor.

Narrator: (speech output) Features: Read dialog boxes and menus, key echo while typing, reads the title bar, announces active and inactive windows on the task bar.

Note: The narrator is a simple speech program, it does not read documents or text from the internet. It cannot be compared to Voiceover by Apple Systems. If you need to have text read, you need to utilize the text-speech software.

Speech Dictation: Operate the Computer hands free with Voice Recognition

Text to Speech: Have the computer read back documents

On-screen Keyboard with Word Prediction: Features: utilize a switch/joystick visually/auditory scan, modify the speed of the scan, and change visual display option