ZoomText- a family of products (ZoomText, ZoomText Plus, and ZoomText Xtra!); magnifies text and graphics programs. Magnify the full screen, a portion of the screen or a single line at a time. Three built-in fonts provide smooth-edged characters at any magnification. Simple pop-up menus give you instant access to all of ZoomText’s features. Magnification levels from 2x to 16x ; three smooth-edged fonts available in all powers; zoom by full-screen, single line, partial-screen or moving lens; scroll, move, size and view the magnified window; track on cursor, mouse and menu bar activity; edge, center and full-window justifications; review mode smoothly pans in all directions at adjustable speeds; wrap lines of text within a zoom window; magnified pop-up menus and hotkey user interface; Configuration files for saving user preference. ZoomText Xtra! Consists of Level 1, which is the most advanced screen magnifier on the market! Level 2 offers a fully integrated magnifier and screen reader designed specifically for the low-vision computer user. Level 3, which is still under development, will add scanning, OCR, form-filling and printing. ZoomText Xtra! incorporates your windows sound card to utilize the speech functions.